Friday, March 15, 2019

Kon-Tiki Explorer - Nazca, Peru

On our last day in Peru, before the Maasdam set course for Easter Island, Amy and I booked a flight that would take us over the ancient and mysterious Nazca Lines! 

Dating back as far as 500 B.C. these earthworks were created by removing the top layer of soil to reveal a contrasting layer of subsoil. No one knows for certain why these gigantic patterns were carved into the desert, but it has been speculated that the Pre-Columbian societies may have been trying to communicate with deities in the sky.

As we flew past the city of Nazca, the mountains dropped to a flat, desert plain, and the long straight lines were plainly visible. After a few minutes of flying on a straight course, the plane began to bank sharply and circle the geoglyphs so that everyone could get a better view of the patterns.

The planes sharp banking combined with peering through a zoom lens eventually got to me and I had to spend some time consulting an air sickness bag. Fortunately, Amy was unaffected, and she continued to snap some incredible pictures!

After having twisted and turned through all of the geoglyphs, the plane reversed course, and we made our way back to Paracas... on a smooth, straight heading. The landscape in this area is simply breathtaking, and viewing it from above was a nice way to finish the flight.

After an adrenaline filled morning, we leisurely wandered the boardwalk of Paracas. We lucked into some of the best empanadas that we've ever tasted and found a new sweet treat in the golden elixir of Inca Cola.

We ended the day on the decks of the Maasdam as it set course for Easter Island. The sun was setting, the wind was blowing, and we departed South America in view of giant oceanside geoglyph.

Next up, Rapa Nui!

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