Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Kon-Tiki Explorer - Guayaquil, Ecuador

Our first stop South of the equator was Guayaquil, Ecuador. The Maasdam navigated its way almost forty miles inland on the Guayas River and berthed at the city's cargo port. After a long bus ride, we were dropped off at Parque Seminario. The park is located across the street from the beautiful Catedral Metropolitana De Guayaquil, and has become home to many, many iguanas! The iguanas are harmless (unless you get between them and a piece of fruit!) and lazily lounge throughout the park on bushes, benches, and statues.

After exploring the area around the park we ventured farther into the city in search of the original Panama Hat! A Panama Hat in Ecuador you ask? I'll let this article sort things out, History of the Panama Hat, but to summarize, Panama Hats are actually from Ecuador. As we searched for a prized sombrero we found more delicious chicharrón. Shortly after our snack break we found "The" Panama Hat store, and in turn, some incredibly sharp Montecristi hats!

After exploring the interior of the city we decided to stroll down the Malecón 2000, the board walk that stretches along the Guayas river. From there we headed to the colorful Las Peñas neighborhood. This neighborhood is the oldest neighborhood in Guayaquil and is home to some of the best views of the city... if you can endure all of the stairs!

After a strenuous climb we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the city. The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping, exploring some of the more intriguing culture of the city, and devouring some amazing ceviche, plantains and cerveza.

Guayaquil was an unexpectedly interesting and fun stop. I hope that we are able to visit again, possibly on our way to Mount Chimborazo.

When we returned to the Maasdam we were greeted by this guy, and a note that Peru was next on the itinerary!

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