Sunday, November 04, 2018

Kon-Tiki Explorer - San Blas Islands, Panama

Following our day in Santa Marta, the Maasdam sailed on to the San Blas Islands of Panama. Before this trip, I had honestly never even heard of these islands, but they are fascinating. Inhabited by the indigenous Guna people, the islands are part of a semi-autonomous region of Panama. There are approximately three hundred and sixty-five islands in total, ranging from a single palm tree on a spit of sand to about the size of Gilligan's Island.

We tendered from the Maasdam to the main town of Cartí Sugtupu. Space comes at a premium on these tiny islands, so homes and businesses are jammed together in a mosaic of patterns. In the alleys that connect all of it together, you will find elder Guna matriarch's out with their children and grandchildren selling crafts and their traditional mola fabrics.

In addition to marvelous crafts, the locals have figured out that they themselves are a money-making industry. You are welcome to take as many pictures of the residents and kids, as long as you remember to pay $1.00 per snap :) That being said, it was impossible not to take pictures of the adorable kids and the amazingly dressed elders.

After roaming the town, we hired a boat with our new friends Paul and Ingrid and set course for Isla Perro Chico (Dog Island) to go snorkeling. There are few places that you can go where you will find a more iconic Carribean paradise than these islands, and Isla Perro Chico is no exception. The snorkeling is excellent, and you can cap off your day with a rum-coconut while relaxing on the beach.

Our visit to the San Blas Islands was far too short, but what an amazing day.

Next stop on the schedule... transiting the Panama Canal!

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