Monday, August 12, 2013

The last time

As the deadline for our move approaches, my wife and I have been visiting our favorite restaurants, events and hangouts for one last memory. It’s been great. What a good excuse to eat out more than you should, drink more than you should, and see friends for the sake of being around them. But the stress of moving is upon us, and it's all to common to be saddened by the thought that this will be “the last time” we do this or that. Whether it be spending time with our family, playing with our former puppy (long story), or sharing laughs with friends, that thought has permeated much of what we do. But, I’m not saddened by it. If anything I’m happy for it. These final moments, these “last” moments, are making all of the “first” moments possible. Without the goodbye, there can be no hello. So goodbye for now. I’ll be saying hello again soon enough.

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